19 August 2021

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The Tool That Will Increase Immediately Your Company Credibility

In 2021, in a context of increasing digitalization, it is important that every company has the technological tools to offer a more professional image of itself on the outside.


In a constantly changing and evolving world, where customers are increasingly demanding and want a service that is efficient, fast and always available, every single detail can make the difference for the success of your business. In fact the clients become even more technological  and request to access services more tech.



This is why it is important to start from the very first contact with potential customers.


In this article you will find out how to convey the right impression to your customers right from the start… simply thanks to a cloud phone system!


For example, as an entrepreneur, presenting your company to customers by indicating a private mobile phone number as a contact is certainly not the most professional way to start: it denotes little care, lack of organization and lack of seriousness.


Also, imagine that you need to change your phone number, get ripped off, or have a problem causing you to lose all your data.


What would become of customer numbers and contacts?


So, if you are wondering how to avoid this risk and manage business calls in a simple, dynamic, professional way - and without using an obsolete traditional telephone phone system, which does not guarantee you the portability you need in the world of smart working - you present the world of cloud phone systems!


Why do you have to aliate with the cloud for your company phone system?


Unlike a traditional Phone system, which has an extremely limited range of functions, a cloud phone system offers you many more possibilities  and features and makes your employees' work more efficient and easier to manage.


And this immediately creates an image of greater professionalism in the eyes of customers who interface with your service for the first time.


Voxloud knows this perfectly and offers its customers a highly functional product, quick to install on all portable devices - it only takes 59 seconds to activate and you can do it in total autonomy! - and super easy to use.


Our cloud phone system allows you to receive and make your calls using the company landline number but working from where you prefer, thanks to the application that you can install on your smartphone, tablet or PC.


The benefits of a cloud business phone system:


  • Automatically record your phone calls and track customer conversations

  • It allows you to set customizable messages and music on hold to offer a unique experience to each waiting customer, without boring them while waiting to speak with the operator
  • It has a smart answering machine, which transcribes voice messages helping you not to miss a single one
  • It allows you to connect multiple operators to a single number thanks to the "Multi-Headquarters" function, which guarantees perfect management of work even remotely and communication between extensions and distant company offices!


In summary, having a cloud phone system helps you to make the image of your company more professional and to manage all internal and external communications more easily, whether you choose to work in the office or you want to do it from home.


And the advantages and functionalities of our phone systems don't end there! 



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