23 July 2021

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Customer retention: how to improve it

In the field of trade and sales, one of the main goals is to find new customers by doing lead generation on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs often think that this is the only way to grow and build the company that they have always imagined.


But is this step strategically correct?


Not always.


When you think about only acquiring customers, it can happen that the customer gets tired, changes his mind and chooses the competitor.


But why should the customer abandon my service if it works perfectly?


The reasoning of many companies is that if their product or service works, customer loyalty will be a natural process.


This is a great lack of the business system. It's a big mistake.


There are several reasons why customers quit your service but the first is that they feel abandoned and they think your only goal is to sell the products or services and then simply leave the customers to their fate.


How to make the "good" customer experience even better? What is the best solution to carry out?


Gain customer trust.

Don't stop connecting and considering them after the sale.

3 main causes of customers loss


1. UNFAIR TREATMENT: customers who feel poorly treated by companies and would prefer to stay loyal if they had a better customer experience. Ineffective service automation, such as limited access to customer support, is also causing customers to feel angry and frustrated.


Did you know that companies that use Voxloud have improved their customer service by 20%?


2. PRICE: Even if price is the greatest factor that influences churn, people want to stay if they are treated fairly. When another company promises a better experience at a lower price point, it’s a quick win for competitors to acquire new customers.


3. BAD COMMUNICATION: another big problem that leads the customer to leave the service is the lack of communication: endless queues on the phone, operators who leave you waiting without solving the problem and also, there is no one to ask for support.

How to improve customer retention activities


The best way to build customer loyalty is to make sure the customer is satisfied not only about the product but also about how the company manages the user. 


We found 3 hacks to improve your customer retention:




The first step in understanding how to get to know your customers is to start listening to them. You need to understand their experience of using the service.


Everything is alright? Is there room for improvement? How to make them more satisfied?


The cloud phone system is a tool that improves and automates several working processes thanks to efficient features such as the call recording aimed at listening and understanding the needs of customers.



Focus more on your client's behaviors and learn to study them well; this will lead you to know him and understand his needs.


To understand the signals, you need to identify the variables of customer behavior, such as purchase patterns, history of customer service enquiries. 


Then, you’ll need to analyze these signals and try to stop your customers before they churn.


Shortly, churn rate is the percentage rate at which customers stop subscribing to a service.




At Voxloud we have based the cloud phone system on these principles so that every action is user-centred.


  • Thanks to voxloud you have a business number that allows you to have and build a professional corporate image.


  • You can always be in touch with your entire team with calls and video conference.


  • If you do not answer the calls you can always send a customized message to the customer who will be called back or you can use call forwarding.


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Thanks to the Voxloud phone system you can:


  • Work from anywhere in the world
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