9 September 2021

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Cloud Phone System: 3 Reasons to choose it

An entrepreneur today can be considered a hero, because he faces many problems.

When it comes to managing a company, the first challenge is to juggle time and responsibility, as well as allocating budget and resources.


So how can this task be facilitated?


I'm about to show you an efficient and affordable solution for the success and growth of your business: the Cloud phone system.





3 reasons to choose a Cloud Phone System


1 - Time lack


Time is always limited but thanks to these small operations from tomorrow you may not have to do anymore, by switching to a Cloud phone system:


  • No more configuration steps
  • No more installation
  • No more maintenance


No employee will have to waste time monitoring and supporting your old traditional phone system.

So you can focus on your business and how to make your customers even more satisfied.


With Voxloud you can activate our cloud phone system in 59 seconds and thanks to its features like group managing, queue, call logs, recordings, your employees can really save time and work more on important tasks. 


2 - Availability


Every company would like to have the phone with tons of calls received from potential customers, even if, during periods of intense business activity the ability of any entrepreneur is tested.


Knowing that every call to your company is an opportunity, you can't afford to have your line found busy in those moments.

Or even worse, you can't miss calls because your employees are busy doing something else right now.

Unless you want to see your potential customers turn the other way towards your worst competitor ... after all, just one click is enough for this too!


With a Cloud phone system, thanks to automatic answer and call forwarding, you can sleep peacefully even in the most intense periods.

There will always be someone to welcome your customer, before they have the distant thought of turning to someone else.


You can add how many lines you want and with Voxloud you can do it with a single click.


3 - Organization


To work efficiently and meet customer needs, every company needs to keep all activities under control in order to optimize them.

If a traditional phone system does not allow it, a Cloud phone system instead helps you to monitor all your calls and messages, giving you full awareness of what is happening to your business and your employees.


You will be able to record calls and monitor statistics for each employee, so you can plan a targeted improvement plan for your customer service.

You will know at any time the process of each customer: which ones you have already called and which ones to call back, and at what times.


Discover all Voxloud features


Thanks to an easy and intuitive control panel, you can make changes to the features without the help of any technician, for example:


  • Customize the auto responder message
  • Add custom music
  • Set the opening and closing times


By combining all these features, you will eliminate most of the problems that are limiting your company's productivity today.

What will ensue will be a more efficient and competitive company.


And you, dear entrepreneur, are you ready to try the advantages of the Cloud phone system?


We have prepared a guide to choosing the best phone system for your company, just click below to download it.



Best regards,     
Leonardo Coppola