4 August 2022

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Cloud-Based Phone System: 10 Tips From Experts You Need To Know

Maybe you are using an old Phone System and you want to change it.


These are the times of the digitalization and so every piece of software is evolving day by day. As so the Phone System.


It is time to upgrade your business telephony!


But you might have some questions about it.


What are the real differences between the physical phone system and the cloud one?

It will cost less or more than the traditional one?

Is in the cloud, so it is really safe?


Today, we want to answer to these and more questions. Continue reading here!



Expert Tip #1: What is a PBX?


The phrase "PBX systems" can refer to both hardware - and software - based systems that route calls through an internal "trunk" to connect with external phone lines locally, long-distance, or internationally, despite the fact that PBX systems have undergone tremendous development.


Expert Tip #2: What is a Cloud-based PBX?


A software-based private branch exchange, called  cloud-based PBX (also known as a hosted PBX), offers to companies call rerouting, distribution, voicemail, transferring, and other associated functions.


However, cloud PBX is maintained and hosted at a vendor's facilities as opposed to hosting a hardware - or software-based PBX on-premises. Your firm can execute phone conversations through data connectivity to your PBX vendor, while they maintain the servers and software.


Expert Tip #3: What are the real differences between the traditional and the cloud phone systems?


On-premises PBX is also referred to as "traditional."


For the sake of simplicity, we'll define this as any PBX system that your company owns, operates, manages, and maintains. You might be able to implement some communications interfaces, such as connecting with your customer relationship management (CRM) systems, depending on the demands of your firm.


Your business will be able to scale and adjust your voice services fast if you have internal personnel with PBX administration knowledge.


Instead of being on-site, cloud-based PBX is a managed cloud service that is provided by a vendor. This reduces the need for internal specialists and enables enterprises to outsource the management, upkeep, and optimization of their voice communications requirements.


Expert Tip #4: How Much Does a Cloud PBX Cost in real life?


The answer is… ti depends!


But one thing is for sure: usually, with cloud-based PBX you won’t have installation or activation costs and with the most of cloud-based PBX you will get a monthly fee fixed. For instance, with Voxloud you will pay always and only what you will see in our website (check out the price page by clicking here)


Expert Tip #5: Is cloud PBX more expensive than the traditional one?


In comparison to on-premises alternatives, enterprises may typically achieve significant cost savings using hosted cloud PBX.

The typical business uses cloud PBX to save 70%.

Cloud vendors are frequently able to avoid initial startup costs, more affordable add-on features, better reliability guarantees, and the ability to scale your services on a per-phone-line basis without having to pay for equipment upgrades, which makes it possible to realize these cost savings.


If you already have on-premises PBX equipment, have very little need for scalability, have PBX expertise on staff, need very little modification, or have other peculiar organizational characteristics, your cost/benefit analysis can be challenging.


Expert Tip #6: What are the best features of a cloud-based Phone System?


The features of a cloud-based phone system may differ from system to system. Typically, a good solution is to check the telephony needs of your company and then search for the cloud PBX that has the best features for your business.


Your business may generally count on the normal call, transfer, and voicemail functions, as well as the choice of either included or "a la carte" services, to enhance voice communications.


The following are some frequently chosen improved features for cloud PBX:


  • Advanced IVR menu
  • Groups (cascade and standard)
  • Advanced rules
  • Voicemail and text-to-speech voicemail
  • Queue features
  • And much more


You can check here all the features of Voxloud


Expert Tip #7: Is the cloud safe?


It may happen that having a lot of data from different customers every now and then some bit data getting lost and recovering it is quite a difficult undertaking.


Thanks to the cloud and the integration with the cloud PBX, your data is always safe and above all you will not have the problem of always having to search for them in different software based on the use you make of them because they are centralized and available directly from the PBX and vice versa.


A key feature of almost all cloud phone system is that they provide secure access and data backup. Therefore, retrieving your call history, recorded conversations, voicemail messages, and even user or system profile versions is always simple and very fast.

Expert Tip #8: Cool. But what if I lose the internet connection?

If your company's Internet goes down temporarily, your on-premises PBX system can lose connectivity and you will not be able to make and receive calls. In the event of a major natural disaster or unusually bad weather, some local systems can be at serious risk


Fortunately, many cloud PBX systems have reliability benefits. If the organization loses data for any reason, the phone will only ring on the employee's mobile phone, even if the main connection (the desk phones and the computer) is unavailable.


This is because the modern cloud-based phone systems (such as Voxloud) can even use the mobile connection to run the PBX.


Expert Tip #9: Can I use the cloud-based PBX with other smartphones?


Yes, of course! Some cloud-based PBX has the ability to run on the latest smartphones thanks to the mobile apps. Voxloud gives you the advantage of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the preference among company employees to use their own devices for work, everywhere.


Using Voxloud on your own devices means having a device that is more updated and secure, with a wider choice of features. Unlike with desk phones, you can add new features and you don’t need to be in the office to use it.


Your employers simply download the apps on their smartphones, tablets and work computers and Voxloud transforms their devices into a business phone system that simplifies their work, no matter where they are.


Find out more here

Expert Tip #10: When Should I Switch to Cloud PBX?


Your business may not have serious quality issues with your current phone system, but sooner or later you'll have access to the perks by switching to a Cloud PBX.


You can save money in no time while taking advantage of sophisticated add-on features. Employees will have the opportunity to work from home, increasing their satisfaction and productivity. For many companies, switching early has clear advantages.


Voxloud cloud-based phone system: what are the advantages for you?


Just to give an idea, here is a preview of the advantages of Voxloud phone system:

  • You can work anywhere without geographical restrictions
  • Activation in 59 seconds, without technicians or installers
  • Organize team video conferences
  • No hidden costs

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