29 July 2021

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The most important questions to ask youself to choose the best phone system integrations and boost your productivity


These last 18 months have accelerated the adoption of innovative tools.


Small businesses need to be as flexible and agile as possible, and to do so, digital tools are the perfect allies!


However, growing fast requires the right tools that can allow us to be as productive as possible.


It is certainly difficult to be when you have limitations due to a fixed telephone system with cables and devices that do not make your individual daily tasks easier.

For this reason, I want to talk about integrations for company phones and how to use them not only to make smart working more effective but to show you how much more time you will have once installed and integrated with your phone system.

How can a company work better and make its employees become more effective with digitized platforms?

There are platforms that improve and facilitate everyday work. The applications that you can integrate with business phones are designed to perform specific tasks for small and medium-sized businesses.

Landline phone systems have limitations.

Do you want to add numerous telephone lines to your business?

Do it, but you will need the extra time and expense and technical support staff.

On the contrary, a cloud-based telephone system, integrated with your business applications, allows you to manage business communication with customers at a lower cost than a traditional telephone system.

The benefits of applications integrated with telephone systems:


  • A business phone system allows you to stay in touch easily with your customers and teams.

  • The integrations between phone systems and applications (CRM, Slack, Intercom) allow all these instruments to communicate automatically with the phone system, centralizing information and automating processes.

This is a strong point of our Cloud phone system. Inclusiveness and flexibility in one click.

Discover all the Voxloud features

Thanks to the integrations of a cloud phone system such as the Voxloud one, employees can use their applications together with the phone system wherever they are without having to be in the office, as they are both tools in the cloud and can be integrated with the Voxloud phone system.


With a cloud telephone system, you can therefore use both the phone system and the applications anywhere and without difficulty, because they communicate with each other and allow you to always have them with you, wherever you go.


Questions to ask yourself to find the best cloud phone system

There are hundreds of business telephone systems to choose from, just search Google to see the amount of different cloud phone systems that exist on the market.

In all of this, how do you figure out which phone systems are best for you and your business? How to find one that integrates seamlessly with the applications you use every day in the office?


It makes sense to use only what helps you better manage customers and increase your profits, integrating with your business tools.


To demonstrate the value of choosing the right business phone system, take a look at the following tips for choosing the right business phone system for you:

  • Choose the one that allows you to have a completely unified communication system and let you concentrate on other tasks. Simplifying your work.

  • Automatically improve call efficiency, better responding to customer needs.

  • Use data and reporting software to objectively measure performance and set individual and team goals.

  • Leverage customer fact sheets to manage business calls with a broader context and resolve issues faster.


It is the moment to boost your company and enhance your productivity!


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