16 December 2021

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9 Tips to practice from today to become a true Leader

When we talk about leadership there are many factors to analyze, which have to do with ideas, but also with actions.

Giving a univocal definition of leader (and leadership) is not at all easy; we can say that leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act to achieve a common goal.

Being a leader certainly implies being able to inspire others and being ready to do so. To do this, there are aspects of the personality and characteristics that transform a subject into a director of action.

Now let's see what are the skills that a good boss should have and how to refine them.



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- Work hard every day
- Be human
- Transmit concrete values
- Leverage technology and innovations



1. Lead by example

Leadership includes being part of a team. As a leader, if you ask for a strong work ethic but don't show it yourself, it's harder to get a deal from your team. Conversely, if you ask for an open and honest work atmosphere and then ask for feedback, it helps build an element of trust and credibility that you do what you say too.

2. Be professional

Professionalism is an important aspect of leadership. It means acting and speaking appropriately, giving your best every day, and trying again when your efforts aren't successful or don't go as planned. The professionalism displayed by leaders in a company can inspire other employees to behave with the same pride and professionalism.

3. Promote work-life balance

Work-life balance is important to many professionals, and as a leader, you can promote and encourage a good work-life balance through your actions. By promoting a work environment that prioritizes work-life balance, it is often possible to improve employee focus on work, stress levels and job satisfaction. Some actionable steps you can take to encourage work-life balance as a leader include:

- Offer flexible working hours
- Allow remote work when applicable
- Focus on productivity rather than hours
- Regular breaks to recharge the batteries
- Review workloads regularly

4. Give constructive feedback

Giving constructive feedback to your employees is a way to show your professionalism, leadership and empathy. Employees often want to know how they are doing and expect input from a manager or leader.

5. Find the courage to say no

Leadership often involves many projects, proposals, requests and questions, and a leader must have the courage to be forthright and say no when necessary. While saying yes is often easier, saying no can save you time and energy and can increase the amount of respect someone has for you. Even a no doesn't have to be daunting and is often received better than expected.

6. Work hard every day

Leaders often have the qualifications, skills and talent to earn top positions but also a strong sense of job responsibility. Work hard every day to show that you value your role and never take it for granted.

7. Be human

Treat people well and don't consider them as numbers, even if you work in large companies. While it may challenge leaders, the more a company grows, the more important it is to treat employees as people. This simple gesture makes them feel respected, appreciated and above all valued.

8. Transmit concrete values

An effective leader must have a clear vision and concrete values ​​in order to inspire and motivate their employees. Values ​​are essential and show that you are a credible leader. Profit is important to every company, but it shouldn't be the only value for an executive.
Employees appreciate working in a large team, having flexible working hours, job security, training and personal development, a comfortable work environment and a job that makes them feel like they are making a difference.

People usually want to work with a leader who understands their values ​​and needs and who has authentic values ​​that they themselves pursue.

9. Leverage technology and innovations

Since the use of technology in the workplace is vital, as a manager you should take advantage of the benefits that technology could bring to your business, such as increasing productivity, helping you enter new markets and making it easier to reach. of your business vision.

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