1 September 2022

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7 Tips To Choose The Best Cloud-based Phone System

Any business depends on effective communication.


Constant communication is becoming more and more necessary between team members, between clients and employees, suppliers, and the outside world.


Which form of phone system is ideal for your small business is the real question; not whether or not your company needs a cloud phone system.


We've prepared 7 suggestions and things to think about when selecting a small company phone system to aid in your decision-making.


But first… 


What are the business phone system options available on the market?


 Business phone systems fall into two main categories:


1 - Copper and traditional landlines connected to an on-premises system


These are actual phones that telephone companies physically place inside of offices utilizing their copper wiring and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Technology. Although a lot of communication hardware is needed, high-quality calls are assured. In 2022, this is out of date and ineffective.


Then, there is another similar option, the On-Premise phone System.


Although this phone system makes use of the internet protocol, physical equipment installation at the business office is necessary. Equipment typically consists of PBX hardware, and users are required to manually upgrade whatever software they are currently using.


2 - VoIP and cloud-based phone systems


One of the most popular solutions in the contemporary business sector is voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Because it uses the already-existing internet to facilitate calls, it offers simplicity of installation and access.


With a cloud-based PBX like Voxloud, for instance, you can bring the office landline wherever you are, you only need to have a internet connection. And you can use it through the smartphone apps, the desktop (Mac and Windows) apps and of course the desk phones.


But now, what do you have to keep in mind when you have to choose your company’s brand new cloud-based phone system?


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7 Tips to choose the best cloud-based phone system

1 - The size of your company (number of employees)


The number of the employees of your company, and in specific the number of employees that will have to use the phone for their daily activities, it’s an important data to consider to choose the best PBX for your company.


For instance, if your company has a lot of employees that need to use the phone system, then a custom and standard solution can be the best.


On the other hand, if your company has 3-20 people who are using the phone on a daily basis, then a simple and reliable solution can be the best.


For instance, Voxloud is designed for businesses from 3 to 20 users. Keep in mind also that the smaller the company is, the more it needs a real partner as a provider.


Find out here some reasons why to choose Voxloud, click here!

2 - Office space and remote offices


Nowadays the remote working is a reality and more and more companies are taking advantages of this new opportunity.


So, you may also consider what are your plans about the organization of your workforce: choosing for a hybrid or remote workforce will leads you to the cloud-based pbx.


Instead, if you are planning to remain in the office and also your employees have not the necessity to be on the move while working, a on premise pbx can be the right solution.


3 - Near-Future Projection of Employees


Over the next two to five years, will you grow?


Looking into a cloud-based phone solution could be quite useful if you only intend to hire a few additional staff.


With a VoIP, you can easily include extra users and provide them access to the capabilities that are offered.


Check out here all the Voxloud features that let your company to be more flexible during changes.



4 - New features and applications


Numerous inbound calls, video conferencing, voicemails, call forwarding, IVR rules etc. must all be supported by a modern phone system.


Also, think carefully about the feature that your company and your employees really need: sometimes carriers and pbx providers (especially the on premise one) will try to sell you a lot of features that you won’t relly use in the future (or even never!).


5 - Mobility


Small companies are frequently mobile.


Either the salesperson is traveling, or the entrepreneur is trying to close business in several locations in one day.


The best option for constant communication is frequently cloud-based VoIP. With Voxloud, you will be connected to your office landline whenever you are, thanks to the smartphone apps (check out them here).

6 - Ease of Use and Access


For the modern worker, landlines can be quite difficult to use and have few modern features.


The majority of cloud-based VoIP services work with mobile apps that allow users to make or receive calls, perform online faxing, and send and receive text messages.


Voxloud cloud-based phone system, for instance, has been designed especially for the needs of the small and medium enterprises. All the features, form the control panel to the call forwarding, has been made to make your life easier (and to let you focus on grow your business).


7 - Service Provider’s Speed and expertise


If you choose a cloud-based VoIP solution, you will require a professional supplier who can quickly offer solutions and servicing for the phone system.


When selecting a phone system and provider, this element needs to be taken into careful consideration. You can count on Voxloud: we are specialized only in cloud-based PBX and our expert support team is always available.


Voxloud cloud-based phone system: what are the advantages for you?


Just to give an idea, here is a preview of the advantages of Voxloud phone system:


  • You can work anywhere without geographical restrictions
  • Activation in 59 seconds, without technicians or installers
  • Organize team video conferences
  • No hidden costs


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