15 September 2021

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5 Reasons Why the Tone of Voice is crucial to your Business


The tone of voice is the way in which a company communicates its personality through words. Just as we choose the graphic aspects that best dress our personality, we also choose the words, the way of expressing ourselves that best represents us. In this way we communicate who we are to those who come into contact with us.



With the right tone of voice we can do a lot for the company:


  • We can approach the public and communicate with our target, for example using a language that is familiar.


  • We can position ourselves. Because, when the way we express ourselves changes, the perception that the public has of our services and products also changes.


  • We can differentiate ourselves from competitors. Through words we can distinguish ourselves from competitors and be remembered for our personality.


But today, how important is the tone of voice in your company?

Let's see it together.


1. The first impression


The tone of voice is essential at a time like this, especially if we are talking about a telephone interaction: the voice must be reassuring, to ensure that the interlocutor trusts you and decides to listen to you and give you his attention.

In short: the tone of voice greatly influences the communication and disposition of the listener.


This happens due to a series of sound parameters that act both on a conscious and subconscious level and which join the spoken message (the content of the sentence).



2. An efficient customer care is fundamental


Each reading will have a different influence on the listener, despite the fact that the words are perfectly identical.

Based on the tone of voice that the telephone operator will use, we will find:

  • A customer willing to listen
  • A customer who won't want to hear even a justification

If the person who has a problem calls the service center and receives a bored, monotone, colorless answer from the other end of the phone, they will have a BAD first impression.


3. Chat-bot or people


The world has accustomed us to being smart: to access the customer service of many companies we can choose between a classic phone call and a WhatsApp message.

For speed, lack of time and convenience, many of us prefer a message.



Many times instant messaging assistance services can be traced back to "bots" that can only answer the most common questions.

This leads us to appreciate and look for a customer assistant who can answer our doubts: this is where the person comes into play.


Human interaction is fundamental because the clients like to speak and the customer likes to be listened to, he wants to be understood and above all he needs someone to advise him on the right choice to make to solve his problem.

Voxloud helps you to do that easily with the cloud phone system. You can handle calls directly from home, using pc apps or your smartphone. 


4. People: the real company value


The idea of ​​a person answering the phone and accompanying us towards solving problems or searching for useful information, brings us back to the importance of tone of voice.


How much can tone of voice affect support, decision making and purchasing process?

The voice is an interesting, varied and powerful tool, as well as extremely personal: it varies from person to person and also shows much more than we would like.


Companies that offer services and sell products to the public are deeply interested in tone of voice, safety of gestures, familiarity with the product / service being sold.

It is really important to make the customer understand that he is entrusting himself to the right person: who will be able, thanks to his support, to find an answer to every doubt and solution to problems.


5. Customisation


For these reasons, we at Voxloud believe that personalization is very important.

When we send a message to the service center, we expect a fast, immediate response, but also able to really satisfy our request.

The reality is another: usually in these cases a non-personalized chat-bot responds with a pre-packaged message.


Is there a way to overcome all this?

Very often a chat-bot is not able to really solve our problem, so the customer tends to move away from our company and make us bad adv.


I am sure you have happened to write a negative review of a product / service while sitting at the bar with your colleagues. Very often this happens mainly due to a little functional and personalised customer service.

Detachment and lack of customer care: these are the main causes of the FAILURE of customer service and of a company that barely functions.


But we have the solution to all your problems.

With our cloud phone system you can manage your company with more flexibility. Your customer care can work from all over the world, increasing productivity.




Best regards,     
Leonardo Coppola