12 April 2024

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5 Reasons Why a Cloud-Based Phone System Beats a Traditional One

These days, doing work at your most efficient means doing it in the cloud.


That’s not just because the cloud is a big focus of the current tech buzz — more importantly, the cloud presents businesses anywhere on earth with a fast, convenient way to use software of almost any kind.


That even extends to one of the most important components of your business: your phone system.


Sure, a traditional analog PBX may very well have served your company in the past.


But these days, hanging onto a copper wire-based telephone solution means you’re missing out big time on major efficiency-boosting features and benefits.


voxloud cloud based phone system


What benefits are those? Read on to learn five of the biggest ones that a traditional phone system simply can't deliver.



1 - Lower costs

It’s always a no-brainer to get the same service for cheaper, which is why plenty of businesses flock to the cloud based on cost alone.
Since a cloud-based PBX gives you phone service through your internet — not a dedicated phone line — it costs less for your cloud telephony provider to set up and deliver.
voxloud cloud based phone system
Those lower costs are then passed onto you as free installation and a lower monthly bill.


That low cost is going to be consistently low in comparison to traditional phone offerings, too, since any work or maintenance on your cloud system can be done quickly and easily, all over the internet.


Just in terms of reduced labor and materials, you’re almost certainly going to see savings from the switch.


2 - Better scalability


Need to add users to your phone system?


With an internet-based setup, there’s basically no effort at all in bringing them onto a cloud solution.


Unlike the lengthy, labor-intensive process of bringing more users onto a traditional PBX, increasing the seats on a cloud-hosted setup is as simple as updating your telephony software to reflect your new number of licenses.


voxloud cloud based phone system


Not only is this far simpler to put into effect, you’ll rarely even need technicians on-site to enact it.


Better still, this process is speedy and will never require any more materials or hardware.


Just set up your new users with the standard company laptop or other equipment, and they’ll be able to access their new number from there — meaning no physical setup is even involved.


Instead of waiting hours to get online, your additional users can get up and running as soon as you like.


3 - Easier interfaces


Even in terms of everyday use, a cloud PBX makes things far simpler compared to the old-fashioned alternative.


A cloud-based phone system can be used both through desk phones or through computer interfaces, and either way, it offers a far more streamlined and user-friendly approach to the system.


Making calls is simpler with things like built-in phone books and contacts, while simply reaching out is a breeze thanks to instant messaging, notes and video conferencing that can all be issued with a few simple button presses.


voxloud cloud based phone system


You’ll also be able to bring in plenty of add-ons and integrations, but even those won’t complicate the setup.


Since your cloud-based system will still be run in a unified software interface, it’s also just a great way to bring together your most-used tools into the same virtual space where you communicate, cutting down on time spent switching between apps overall.


4 - Simpler maintenance


And speaking of everyday use, a cloud-hosted phone system is also far easier to keep running efficiently compared to an analog one.


Again, since a solution in the cloud runs through the internet, fixing any errors that may pop up is a matter of popping into your system settings.


That means your telephony provider will often be able to fix issues remotely, ensuring you experience as little downtime as possible.


voxloud cloud based phone system


That’s to say nothing of how easy a cloud-based system is to customize.


Instead of the complex process of configuring hardware demanded by traditional systems, a cloud solution can be altered through a straightforward software interface — making the whole process so simple, changes even be handled on your end, without calling your providing technician.


5 - More flexibility


When you’re on a cloud-based phone system, you don’t even need a phone to make use of it.


Since the PBX exists in the cloud, any authorized user can use it over the internet — opening the system up to smartphones, laptops and tablets.


That adds up to more than just flexibility in how you access your phone system.


Just as importantly, it opens up where it can be accessed from, meaning that remote work is easier than ever to put into practice: so long as your staff have an internet-enabled device on hand, they can log into your phone system and stay 100% in contact even outside the office.


voxloud pbx



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