18 November 2021

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4+1 Tools to ease Remote Working by 30%

How can we work best and more productive, despite distractions, jobs, places different from our office and our usual desk?

The solution is to use some simple but indispensable tools.

These are tools that cannot be missing if you want to make your remote working day more comfortable, less stressful and much simpler and more usable.

Let's see them together 4+1 tools to ease remote working

1. Earphones and Webcam

To communicate and work remotely, you need to use a telephone, video conference, computer, tablet or smartphone.

However, communications of this kind and this importance cannot be taken superficially: it is necessary to equip oneself with the right tools to face the job in the best possible way.

And what are these tools that help remote working?

Webcam, microphone and earphones / headphones, first of all.

These are communication-related tools that are sometimes already supplied with our laptops, while other times we can buy them.

Having well-functioning headphones or earphones allows us during a communication passage and not to miss during a passage of what is said in meetings.

You can choose whether to take your work in a bluetooth model, but...

Briefing calls are on the agenda for the coordination of remote work, so it is appropriate to have tools that can work well and for a long time and facilitate this moment of confrontation.

The important thing is that your webcam is able to transmit a fairly clear image and that your earphones or headphones can eliminate (if at all, at least in part) background and surrounding noises, so to simplify and make communication with your colleagues less stressful.


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And you, do you already have these tools or are you looking for something better that allows you to optimize this aspect of your smart working?

Ready to find out what other gadgets you can use for your remote work? Let's move on to what many ignore, because it is too "usual" and often underestimated as an essential ally...

2. Laptop, smartphone

Regardless of your office job, it's good to have a basic tool that won't irritate you every time you turn it on.

Owning a good computer, a good tablet and a smartphone that is up to the constant updates coming from manufacturers, allows you to manage work applications with simplicity and speed.

This is why, when choosing, it is very important to evaluate what are the most important aspects of your work: what you need a computer for, what features your tablet must have and what you can do with your smartphone if you have to face a work emergency.

You need a balance between style, performance, product resistance and lightness in transport.
Today you are at home, sitting in a makeshift workstation organized in the best possible way to face the pandemic, but if it is true that smart working is the future of work... then it is also true that we will no longer live the phase of "necessarily working from home", but we will be able to work wherever we like.

This is why you need a portable and sufficiently light instrument: it allows you to travel without difficulty and does not prevent you from working even on the plane. As long as there is ... a good connection.

centralino in cloud Voxloud
3. Wi-fi connection

It is increasingly rare to find people with slow connection problems in the city; however, when you live in places a little further away from big cities, the risk becomes more substantial.

A bad connection or a slow connection speed can have various causes: malfunctioning telephone line, router problems and, at times, even problems related to the weather or the electricity network.

If some inconveniences we can't really avoid, let's start to secure ourselves by solving any problems related to the connection provider or router from the beginning.

In this way, it will certainly be easier to communicate and work without unpleasant incidents that can interrupt a call or make the uploading of important files to the corporate cloud endless.

Also in this case, the web and the shops offer endless solutions that cover a range of prices and qualities suitable for everyone's pockets: start your search, make sure that your internet signal is able to make you work at its best and, if not it's… start looking for all the tools that can improve your connection at home.

4. Choose the right chair

If you spend many hours behind your desk, with your eyes focused on the screen, the problems that can occur range from visual fatigue to headache, even back pain: this is why it is important to work while sitting in a comfortable chair.

Choosing a good chair reduces the risk of back pain, fatigue in movement and post-work discomfort: it is an investment that is worth making for your well-being, both physical and psychological.


Here we are finally at the moment of revelation: we have identified an INDISPENSABLE tool for your smart working, because it allows you to make your remote communications simpler ... smarter.

Curious to find out what it is?

Let's start with the BENEFITS related to its use: you could increase productivity, managing to make your work experience unique, cutting-edge, fast and simple.

This tool, which we hope you will choose to adopt, is to be considered a real investment, like your super comfortable chair: you will thus be able to obtain benefits both in the short and in the long term.


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You will be able to comfortably manage your business communications using your PC or smartphone and really moving wherever you want (at least, since you can go back to travel).

Have you guessed which tool we are talking about?

It is our Voxloud cloud phone system, the very first capable of being activated in just 59 seconds, without the need for a specialized technician, which allows you to manage calls, video conferences and much more by installing an extremely intuitive app!

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Voxloud is the cloud phone system that is activated in 59 seconds:

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