31 March 2022

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4 Strategies To Retain Your Customers And Sell More Thanks To The Cloud PBX

Creating a relationship of trust with customers leads to a long and fruitful partnership, and benefits for both parties.

Customer retention is a marketing strategy that has the goal of retaining the acquired customer and also increasing the spend per customer in some cases.

The goal is to guarantee a high degree of customer satisfaction, so that a relationship of trust is created that is destined to last.

Why is customer loyalty important?

Being able to retain your customers is important for:

⚡ Make him remember your company and your brand

⚡️ Save, since getting repeat customers costs less

⚡️ Get positive reviews from satisfied customers to help you win new ones

⚡️ Ensure income regardless of external factors

The more you can turn your customers into loyal fans, the fewer external factors you have to rely on to be able to ensure the success of your sales.




How to build loyalty with the help of customer support?

This is where your customer service comes in: if you pay attention and work well, the satisfaction of those who buy your products will increase exponentially and customer loyalty will be even easier.

A satisfied customer recommends your service / product, bringing other customers and becoming a real testimonial of your brand.

But do you know how to be able to provide consumers with the best possible assistance in the sales and after-sales phase in order to make your customers more and more loyal to your brand?

I have thought of 4 tips that you can freely test to give your customer service an extra boost.

1. Take care of the customer even after the purchase

The very first action to take after a customer purchases your product or service is… DO NOT stop supporting them.

No, I'm not saying you have to literally "stalk him". However, there are some actions that you can take to not make him feel "seduced and abandoned" and which collectively take the name of follow-up.

You will have to implement them in the weeks immediately following the purchase (the period of time in which the consumer generally forms a complete opinion about what he has purchased).
How can you support and follow your customer, making sure that he is fully satisfied with his choice (and therefore with you)?

If you have purchased a product, physically attach it to it or send a user guide by e-mail, or contact it by phone to illustrate its features.
The same goes for the purchase of a service: explain to the customer how to use it in the best possible way, send them brief explanatory brochures or simply ask if they need help or support.

Customer care is important because it can help the customers when they have technical issues and understands the needs of the client, taking care of him/her.

2. Always ask for feedback

No business can grow online without asking for customer feedback. This prevents people who with so much effort have convinced them to trust us as a company from abandoning the relationship, but it also allows us to constantly keep track of their needs and requirements in order to study new services and products and enrich existing ones with additional features.

As part of the follow-up process, you can request feedback from your customers. It may concern:

- Both the buying process

- Be it the product or service itself

Always explain to the customer why his opinion of him is important to you and ask him for absolute sincerity: he will feel pampered and protected and will be more available to provide you with feedback.

Plus, if you use their feedback to improve by welcoming criticism and suggestions, you'll also show that your business really cares about what the consumer has to say. This will result in a significant return on image and long-term customer loyalty.


centralino in cloud Voxloud


3. Offer customer service that is easy to reach and always available

The entire purchasing, follow-up and feedback process must be supported by an easy-to-use system or, as we commonly say, "user-friendly".

Try to provide your customers with platforms and telephone support systems that allow them to speak

Get easily and experience the most pleasant, quick and simple purchase and post-purchase experience possible (did you know that the Voxloud assistance service is active every day from 8 am to 8 pm?).

The Voxloud cloud PBX does not need to be installed and you can activate it in just 59 seconds.

The PBX offers many features to increase productivity: You can also easily integrate your PBX with online tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, help desk software and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

A cloud PBX allows you to work remotely and organize all company work such as voicemail, call logs, videoconferencing to organize meetings with employees and customers remotely.

Time is a precious resource: no one likes to spend hours on the phone or on a web page waiting for a simple answer in chat, continually bounced from one operator to another, without being able to solve their problem or make a simple report.

Improving this aspect helps you to increase the satisfaction of your customers and, more generally, their perception of the experience within your company.

What can you concretely do to make this happen?

⚡️Reduce waiting times
⚡️Speed ​​up the search for solutions
⚡️Create a featured FAQ section on your site
⚡️ Make your contact information bold and prominent
⚡️Prepare a number dedicated to customer support, such as a toll-free number
⚡️Improve the management of your phone system so that for every type of problem there is a trained figure able to answer questions quickly

4. Use the right tools

To give your customers the best possible buying and post-purchase experience, having the right tools is a prerequisite.
A customer service that works is supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure, functional both for the needs of customers and for those of your collaborators.

If you choose tools that can facilitate the work of your assistance team, the result will be much better in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
This is why the Voxloud specialists have studied a product designed to better manage your service.

Our cloud PBX is:

⚡️ Quick to start - it runs in just 59 seconds!
⚡️Easy to configure - the intervention of any specialized technician is not required
⚡️Easy to use - no more difficulties in transferring calls from one operator to another or sudden interruptions in communication.


⚡️You will speed up the exchange of information
⚡️ You will reduce the evasion of assistance tickets
⚡️You will solve your customers' problems in the shortest time possible
In summary: by choosing Voxloud you choose to guarantee your customers an excellent service.

Do you want to start improving your support service starting now?


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