27 July 2021

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4 productivity tips to boost your company

Businesses are like living organisms that need attention and care.
How to understand if your company is performing well?
First you need to analyze the internal and external structure of the company and start to project yourself towards the path of success.
To make your life easier, we have identified 4 best practices for small and medium-sized businesses to make your business more efficient and forward-looking.

1. Constantly update the software


One of the reasons why a company is vulnerable to a cyber attack is the failure to update the software.


Many underestimate this aspect, it is a very simple trick but it can make a difference.


So make sure you do all the updates and your business will be safe.


Although the best way to not lose any data is to rely on cloud technology.


In fact, in addition to being able to access your files at any time and from any device, storing your files in the cloud allows you to access a higher level of protection.


Thus, you must know that the servers on which your files are stored have security levels and protocols that can hardly be equated or replicated by local systems.


Furthermore, these cloud systems are updated very frequently and are therefore protected from any cyber attack. Finally, you need to know that cloud storage systems always have backup copies.


Using the cloud, losing data or falling victim to hacking is virtually impossible.



2. Always define mission and positioning


If the concept of mission and definition of positioning seem difficult topics to you, I try to ask you just one question.

Why does your business exist? What is your mission?

To define an effective mission, you can start from the history of the company and the reason for its existence and only then define the customer and the values ​​that guide the company's activities.


The company mission explains the foundation of your business in the best possible way.


Another question you need always answer is:

What perception does the public have of your company?

Well, if you don't even know this answer, it means that you still have to work hard to take your company to the next level.


Positioning in marketing is the creation of the image of the company in the minds of the customers to whom it is addressed.



3. Reward your team


It is important that your team feels valued. Recognition for their work and commitment is an incentive to push them to do even more.


Downplaying your employees' achievements could make them feel undervalued, which can lead to low corporate retention rates.

Always remember to be a Leader, never a Boss!

Bonuses, extra permissions are all good ways to incentivize your employees to do more, but remember that recognition and teamwork are the most welcome gifts!


To work better as a team and always be in contact with all employees wherever they are, the winning weapon is the cloud and in particular the Voxloud cloud phone system.


4. Feedback


Communication is the key to any relationship, including one with employees.


Feedback is one of the few ways your team can understand if they are doing well and how they can improve.


This transparency helps employees to produce better and immediately understand if something is wrong.


Feedback is a wheel that allows your business to move forward; keeping an open line of communication allows you to be aligned on the right frequency.


As long as your relationship with your team is based on honesty and respect, you can help each other and grow together.


Make it clear that you are all trying to achieve the same goal.


5. Optimize your work


One of the tools that has proved most useful and that packs a lot of features into a single item is the Voxloud cloud phone system.


Equipping your company with a cloud phone system frees you from the burden of having to stay in the company, allows your employees to manage their work anywhere thanks to a simple application downloadable on a tablet, smartphone or PC, significantly reducing business costs.


We have chosen to facilitate work both inside and outside the company: thanks to our system, communicating is easy, fast and convenient.


The Voxloud cloud phone system is the ideal solution to allow everyone to work in the most serene, fast and linear way possible, without hitches, falling lines or undeliverable messages.


You can make sure that everyone knows about projects and deadlines thanks to the integration of our system with the most well-known and used corporate CRMs, but it does not end there: Voxloud can be installed on all operating systems and is without penalties and hidden costs.


It is a real gem for your company, which will bring several benefits, both in the short and long term, whether you work in the office or if you have a team spread around the world.


An example?


There are many users who have reduced costs and increased productivity by simply using Voxloud.



Activating it is very easy: just 59 seconds and your phone system is ready to be used.


Still doubts?


I will explain in detail what the differences are compared to other phone systems and why a Voxloud cloud phone system is the right choice to create a productive and peaceful working environment.


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