23 July 2021

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Business development: 3 obstacles to avoid


The pandemic has given a boost to the digitization and technological development of companies but, despite this, several points remain pending.


In fact, if on the one hand we have made many steps forward compared to just a year ago, on the other hand there are some elements that are overlooked by many entrepreneurs.

But what are these factors that weigh on our companies,to the point of stopping their growth?


In this article I offer you a general overview, focused on 3 aspects that hinder, slow down and could block the development of your company.


Don't worry: I have thought of an emergency exit, which can allow you to improve your business.




One of the first obstacles that we need to take into account is the tradition of manual processes and the inefficiency of some procedures related to our work.


Manual and cumbersome processes can jeopardize business development because they are unable to keep up with the creativity, dynamism and speed of action of the employees who work in the company.


Furthermore, the inefficiency of these processes could force employees to get stuck along the path. It is frustrating and demotivating for those who have to use it every day.


This significantly affects the work performance of employees both in terms of effectiveness and utility.


Inefficiency and poor automation can be an obstacle to business growth: very often, dissatisfied employees look around and look for alternatives that are more suitable for their expectations and attitudes, as well as to their ambitions.


So the first point to improve business development is the following: eliminate the barriers caused by manual processes and start adopting automation programs such as Active Campaign, Hubspot that will automate sending newsletter.




When we need to innovate, the whole process develops from an idea: teamwork, brainstorming, meetings serve to refine it and transform it into a concrete and reproducible action.


However, very often companies forget this process.


In particular, the information are not transmitted in a homogeneous way to team members who work on a specific project or who try to exploit a specific idea.


This lack of communication stop  the evolution and development of the company because some members, not having the necessary information at the right time, cannot provide feedback or other useful suggestions to improve this.


In fact, it is necessary to communicate and work at full speed towards development.



The introduction of smart working has led many companies to find temporary solutions to deal with the pandemic and continue working without bringing companies to collapse.


In all these months we have tried to optimize and improve remote working systems as problems and difficulties arose.


However, it would be good to focus on an obstacle that may jeopardise the future of the companies: communication.


Communication is always the basis of a job, an interpersonal relationship.

Bad or poor communication within the company that works in smart working could damage projects and all the company.


Communicating is a necessary condition to ensure that ideas, suggestions, advice and information circulate in the company and turn into results.


How can the communication barrier be eliminated?


I think I have some ideas, but you will have to continue reading to find out more and to find out how to eliminate the problem of communication… with a single application.


The problem is that:


If there is no communication ... there is no evolution.


For this reason, my advice is to make a very small investment today, to find yourself with great immediate benefits, but also in the long term.



It's called Voxloud: the first simple and fast cloud phone system that improves business communication, whether you do office work in the office, or whether you choose smart working.


Voxloud is a cloud phone system that you can activate in 59 seconds: you will not need specialized technical interventions or struggling with a complex control panel.


Managing corporate communication will be easy, because you only need a good internet connection: you will be able to choose which functions to use to take corporate communication to a higher level.


In this way you can manage communication with customers to the maximum, as well as that with employees via video conferencing, calls, phone calls or instant messaging.


You can also handle the communication of potential clients by using our cloud phone system which can improve your customer service thanks to all the available features.


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I studied this solution together with my team just for SMEs like us, because I wanted to give and have a tool capable of improving everyone's life and pushing companies towards the future, every day, with one more step towards the technological development they desire.


For any further questions, I would like to leave you a link: it will help you choose the best solution for your needs and understand what your business really needs and eliminate communication barriers.

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