27 October 2021

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3 hidden Obstacles that Block your Profits and how Brilliantly to get over them


The pandemic has given a boost of life to the digitalization and technological development of companies but, despite this, several points remain outstanding.

In fact, if we have made many steps forward compared to just a year ago, on the other hand there are some elements that are neglected by many entrepreneurs and that become real obstacles within fundamental business processes.

But what are these factors that weigh so heavily on our companies, to the point of stopping their growth and making remote working more complex?

In this article, I talk to you about 3 aspects that can put your company in crisis and how to overcome them.


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  • Inefficient processes
  • Reduced vision on projects
  • Lack of communication



FIRST OBSTACLE: cumbersome and inefficient processes

One of the first obstacles we must take into account is linked to the manual skills of the processes and the inefficiency of some procedures linked to our work.

These processes do nothing but waste time on operational and important activities.

Furthermore, the inefficiency of these processes could force collaborators to get stuck along the path that leads them to the result: very often a non-optimized process is frustrating and demotivating for those who have to use it every day, thus preventing the resource from concentrating effectively on this. That really matters.

Inefficiency and poor automation can be an obstacle to business growth, but also to the productivity and permanence of the most talented collaborators in the company: very often, dissatisfied employees tend to look around and look for alternatives that are more suitable for their expectations and attitudes, as well as to their ambitions.

Here’s the solution

Therefore, the first point to be addressed in order to improve and encourage business development and make remote working truly effective is the following: eliminating the barriers caused by cumbersome manual processes and optimizing inefficient or unproductive processes.

centralino in cloud Voxloud

SECOND OBSTACLE: reduced vision on projects

When we need to innovate, the whole process develops from an idea: teamwork, brainstorming, meetings serve to refine it and transform it into a concrete and reproducible action.

However, very often in companies this process is hindered because fundamental steps are skipped.

The lack of timeliness of receiving updates leads companies that want to cultivate and develop their business to encounter real difficulties that thus undermine the very life of the company, as well as the efficiency of the team.

For this, it is necessary to work in depth on communication, implementing efforts at the top of the company to eliminate this obstacle and proceed at full speed towards development.

Here’s the solution

One way to make this communication more effective is to have tools that facilitate and simplify it. Among these are the typical CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the unified communication tools (think of Microsoft Team or Slack) but also and above all, the cloud phone system.

Especially if your company works a lot with the telephone, both to do business (marketing and sales team) and to manage current customers (customer service), having a phone system that is simple to use and efficient in daily use is of vital importance.

We know this well and for this reason we have developed the Voxloud cloud phone system to be first of all simple (anyone in the company must know how to use it) and effective (with really useful functions that don't waste your time):

- The " groups" feature allows you to organize corporate communication so that all users are assigned to their own group based on the type of actions and communications performed by and for them.

Managing multiple calls together is possible thanks to two types of groups: standard and cascade.

Standard groups handle incoming calls so that the first free operator can answer the call, while cascading groups direct callers to the specific operator thanks to a hierarchy of priorities.

- From the control panel you can instead get a more complete overview and have full control of your cloud phone system

THIRD OBSTACLE: lack of communication

Remote working has been our anchor to allow all companies to work from home safely without endangering their health and their work.

However, if this was a great victory, we must be careful not to fall into a devious trap that once undertaken will cause multiple problems: lack of communication.

After all, managing effectively a team distributed in different geographic areas, distant and separate can be complex.
Ineffective communication hinders all this: it is not possible to discuss projects and possible discoveries, it is not possible to organize effective meetings and make progress.

But how to put an end to all this?

The solution: the cloud phone system

Ours is the first simple and fast cloud phone system, which improves communication in the company whether you do office work in the office or choose the path of remote working now and in the future.

Voxloud is the cloud phone system that is activated in 59 seconds:

- There are no activation costs
- No maintenance
- You only pay for what you use
- No penalty
- A simple and intuitive control panel
- No technicians required to manage settings

With the phone system you can eliminate the communication barrier, improving the motivation of your team members and finally eliminating all those cumbersome and inefficient steps. 



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Leonardo Coppola