28 October 2021

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3 Hacks to Empower your Customer Care Team and double your Productivity


To get the most out of your customer service team, you need your employees to feel free to make decisions without asking a supervisor. Empowering customer service members will lead to a better experience for your customers and increase customer loyalty.

Given how critical it is to provide solid customer service, it's important to understand what employee empowerment is and the steps you can take to make that empowerment happen for your customer care.



What is employee empowerment?

Employee empowerment is about making sure staff members feel free to do their jobs.It is is a management philosophy that emphasizes the importance of allowing employees to make independent decisions and act on them.

This way employees can play a role in making important decisions for the company. To feel empowered, however, they must have all the resources to successfully complete their work. These resources include both knowledge and tools.

You need to provide your employees with the tools they need to physically complete their jobs and also have enough training to feel confident that they know how to manage all of their projects.

A tool that helps you in this regard is our Cloud phone system. Thanks to this, you will easily be able to automate all your activities and manage everything in total autonomy, from all over the world.


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Why is it important to give accountability to the customer service team?
The importance of enhancing your customer care is linked to achieving the goals of your company. But why should your team members go out of their way to help you earn more?

Sure, wanting to keep your job might be one reason, but if every employee does a good job instead of a great job, you'll lose a greater return on your investment.
Running a business is more than money - it's also about people, and empowering your customer care can help keep people happier and motivate them to do more.

Benefits of empowering the customer service team:

Employees feel free to do their jobs in the most effective way.
Customers who have a problem don't want to be put on hold with long wait times or bounced from agent to agent. They want the person they are talking to to answer their concerns. Licensed employees can take care of customer problems without asking for help from others.

The faster a customer service representative can resolve a customer problem, the happier the customer will be.
If the rep leaves the customer on hold while asking their superiors what to do or the customer continues to be passed on to someone else, the customer will leave the meeting less than satisfied and take their business elsewhere.

How to empower your customer service team

There are several things you can do to empower your team, some of which only cost you time. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Training programs

Some companies require employees to take professional development courses. Even if your company is not one of them, offer employees to train and offer professional development classes.

2. Give with positive feedback

Give positive feedback to team members when they are effective, especially when they are successful and productive at their best.

3. Provide the right tools

There are many customer service tools that can make life easier for service representatives:

- Telephone systems such as our Cloud phone systems

- Internal chat platforms so that reps can get a quick response from colleagues while on the phone with customers

- Help desk software (such as ticketing systems) to serve as a resource for customer queries and to resolve issues in a timely manner

- CRM systems to store customer contact information and important notes on support requests

centralino in cloud Voxloud

We are confident that the tools we have recommended will help your business achieve better results. Always remember that once a customer is lost it is difficult to win back, so start with a business idea that allows you to cut costs and make the customer experience even better.


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