23 July 2021

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Cloud phone system: 3 elements to keep in mind


When it comes to cloud phone system speed and ease of use you must always start from a basic premise: there are 3 elements that absolutely cannot be missing.


When you decide to invest in a cloud phone system, these 3 elements allow your company to take full advantage of using this tool.

Basically, these are elements that allow you to push your phone system to the maximum and, consequently, offer a superior quality experience to your customers and your collaborators.




It is the most banal of the 3 elements, but it is also essential to make your phone system work 100% in cloud.


In fact, very often the malfunction of a cloud phone system is caused by a bad internet connection, a factor that has nothing to do with the quality of the phone system itself.


It might seem strange, in a world dominated by mobile phones always online and various devices that make everything work thanks to a connection, but very often, especially if you live in particular areas, the internet connection can be less strong than what we think.


While a low-to-medium quality connection is enough to make us surf the internet, it is not enough to make many services work at their maximum, including a cloud phone system or Netflix, for example.


How can you find out if your internet connection is poor?


A speed test would help you define minimum and maximum connection, speed and performance of your network.


Only through an optimal connection will you be able to get the most out of a phone system that uses the cloud and therefore mainly uses the internet to function.


This is the solution, as well as the first element that you absolutely must check if you want your phone system to work at its best.


We all connect to the internet every day, some more and some less.


Think about it: you probably watch YouTube videos, send gifs on WhatsApp, share videos on Facebook, and post photos on Instagram, but I wouldn't stop there.


In fact, you can watch streaming movies and use platforms, play online role-playing games or train following live fitness programs and much more ...


For each of these activities you need a good connection, so why shouldn't you also need it to better manage the functionality of your cloud phone system?


It would be like pretending to start a car without fuel, don't you think?




Very often it happens that, taken by the conversation, you forget to mark an appointment, set specific dates or mark a change to a project, for example: this causes problems for the company, because it interrupts the workflow.


How can you avoid it?


Simply through the function that only a cloud phone system can make available to you: call recording.


This feature allows you to retrieve any details that you have missed or that you want to be sure you have pinned down exactly.


We are human beings: we cannot force ourselves to memorize every single detail of a phone call… this is why we have made the possibility of recording calls one of the fundamental functions of the Voxloud cloud phone system.


The call recording feature allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls to all your business numbers.


This way you can relax and no longer run the risk of forgetting important details, but you can also better monitor the performance of those who work with you.


Downloading and playing recordings has never been so simple and immediate: just access the call log in the Voxloud control panel or in your CRM integrated with our app.


Start now to exploit the full POTENTIAL of your cloud phone system and get ready to discover the last element that you absolutely need to consider if you really want to take your company into the future.




The answer groups are the THIRD ELEMENT that you absolutely must have among the features of your cloud phone system.


The "Response groups" feature allows you to organize corporate communication so that all users are assigned to their own group based on the type of actions and communications performed by and for them.


In short? Creating user groups helps you manage and organize internal corporate communications to coordinate multiple calls at the same time.


Managing multiple calls together is possible thanks to two types of groups: standard and cascade.


Standard groups handle incoming calls so that the first free operator can answer the call, while cascading groups direct callers to the specific operator thanks to a hierarchy of priorities.


In this way you can manage calls quickly and efficiently, you can offer customers better assistance thanks to the cascading groups that immediately direct the call to the specialized operator and you can also better manage your marketing campaigns because you will be able to sort to just departments its phone calls.


Do you want a summary?


With the Voxloud call groups you can finally handle the internal communication of your company in an excellent and error-free way, but you can also optimize the customer care of your customers thanks to a system that allows quick answers and perfectly in line with their questions.


Each element of those mentioned in this article is the real turning point for optimizing your cloud phone system, so focus your attention and start evaluating the speed of the connection, and then open the doors to the best version of your business communication!


I want to leave you a brief suggestion: at the link below you will find our specific guide, which will help you to know in detail everything you need to know about our cloud phone system.


It could be a good starting point to move to the effective side of communication, don't you think?


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